GreeNZinc Pilot Plant - Background

The GreeNZinc Project was initiated in 2017 with the intention to Progress and Commercialize the Extraction of high purity Zinc Oxide from, but not limited to, hazardous Electric Arc Furnace Dust.

The GreeNZinc Process was developed and optimized by Sean Shepperson and the Team at the Adelaide Research Facility from 2017 to 2020.  A bespoke Pilot Plant was constructed and commissioned in 6 months, and trials were conducted over the following 18 months.

Pilot Plant trial work included running 24/7 in a 'Locked Cycle' mode for 14 continuous days - using sourced Electric Arc Furnace dust.  This provided invaluable data allowing a full Metallurgical Simulation - METSIM - to be completed to convergence.  

At peak activity the Plant had 21 full-time Staff equivalents, including Analysts, Operators, Engineers, and Process Chemists.

Specialist Hydrometallurgical Engineering Consultants were contracted to assist with Process, Plant Flow Design and Metallurgical Simulation optimization. This included Prudentia's Jason Hepburn and Hydromet Consulting's Boyd Willis.

The Team


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